Proven Models for Digital Health Success

Chris Wasden, Professor of Innovation & Executive Director of the Sorenson Center for Discovery and Innovation at the University of Utah, will lead panelists of the M2M Now Money Talks mHealth conference in a fascinating and engaging debate centered around the future of digital health and the business case for implementing an App Formulary Model – showcasing real life examples of proven success, and debating – should apps be prescribed? Representatives from the entire mHealth value chain including: clinicians, payers, researchers, solution vendors, wireless network operators and the ultimate patient advocate will be among the participants.

12:30 PM Session 1:The Future of Digital Health: Is an App Formulary Model the Answer?

In session one, Wasden lays out the model of the App Formulary, which includes four different classifications in which to categorize apps/devices. Representatives within each classification will then discuss their respective business models and views on prescribing apps and devices:

  • Front of the Store: Behavior Change Program – Mark McCalliog, newNRG
  • Over the Counter: Vital Signs Monitors – Ryan Beckland, Validic
  • Behind the Counter: Prescribed – Anand Iyer, WellDoc
  • Controlled Substance: Prescribed and Monitored – Dr. Dave Albert, AliveCor

2:30 PM Session 2: Supporting & Enabling Digital Health Business Models Successfully

Session two begins with “The Most Connected Man”, Chris Dancy discussing how he captures real-time data about his life utilizing wearables, devices and apps; then applies the data to improve his health and wellbeing. Digital health enabling-technology vendors such as Vodafone and Gemalto will then reveal how their respective companies are successfully supporting digital health apps and devices, as well as the where they fit in the Formulary Model outlined in session one.

3:45 PM Session 3: The Great Debate – Should Apps be Prescribed?

Here Wasden leads a group of influential healthcare leaders, including a prescribing physician, a digital health physician, a payer, an academic researcher and the ultimate patient advocate in “The Great Debate” among physicians, payers and patients. Should physicians prescribe apps/devices that are paid for by 3rd-party payers?

  • Prescribing Physician: Dr. Jeff Dobro, CMO of RedBrick Health
  • Digital Health Physician: Dr. James Mault, CMO at QualcommLife
  • Payer: Lawrence B Leisure, Strategic Advisor at KPCB
  • Academic Research Organization: Dr. John Langell, Executive Director at University of Utah
  • Digital Patient: Chris Dancy, Most Connected Man

5:45 PM Session 4: Reception

After the fat lady sings, panelists will join sponsors and delegates at an evening reception where they can continue to deliberate the issues or just relax and network among friends.

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