M2M Now ‘Money Talks - mHealth’

M2M Now ‘Money Talks – mHealth’M2M Now ‘Money Talks – mHealth’
is the first of a series of events focusing on vertical market sectors that are challenged by the emergence of innovative machine-to-machine (M2M) communications.

In all countries globally, healthcare expenditure is high as a percentage of GDP and is rising sharply towards unaffordable levels. There is an urgent need for new, sustainable business models that can help to curb expenditure while promoting more targeted healthcare service delivery. As a result, the focus is shifting from traditional to newer models and mHealth has a significant part to play in this change. This event focuses on the role of mHealth in this transition as it applies to key healthcare segments and some of the challenges that need to be addressed for successful implementation.

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With many healthcare and wellness providers struggling to find clear business models within this rapidly emerging technology, M2M Now ‘Money Talks – mHealth’ will address the key issues of building better business models and improving the bottom line.

The focus of the event will be to discuss specifically how best to build effective business models to provide mHealth services more efficiently, save money and generate greater profits. Content discussed will encompass mobile, wireless, fixed line and satellite communications, and all parties in the delivery chain.

Event Learning Objectives:

  • From smartphone apps to industrial applications, who’s making money in mHealth and how?
  • Identifying the commercial obstacles to mHealth adoption
  • Examining the real-world business mHealth models that work

M2M Now Money Talks – mHealth is an innovative, debate-led, hands-on event for all delegates interested in or affected by connected healthcare within health and wellbeing, primary and secondary care. The event will be presented in a highly interactive format – and will focus on the business case for implementation of an mHealth model.

Starting at 2:00pm on Tuesday 10 December 2013, leading industry figures will present 2 thought-provoking sessions centred around the two vital commercial components associated with mHealth. Each session will comprise a keynote from an industry luminary, a Q&A session, polling, a provocative ‘real-world’ presentation on each topic and a panel debate with representatives from the entire mHealth value chain including clinicians, payers, solution vendors, wireless network operators and business analysts.

And to close, there will be a free bar and food provided whilst our speakers and attendees have a chance to meet one-on-one, to network and unwind at the end of the day!

Additionally, on the exhibit floor, there will be a fully interactive Connected Doctor’s Office experience, where delegates can touch, try and see in action the new technologies available to them. The event aims to inform, encourage debate and enable delegates to come away having seen personally the benefits of the Connected Doctor’s Office – and how they can improve their patient outcomes and maximise their resources using the latest technology. The debates and demonstrations will cover all scenarios from apps for maintaining health and fitness, patient care solutions within primary care and applications for enhancing secondary care.