What’s the latest on the deadly outbreak of coronavirus in Arizona?

What’s the latest on the deadly outbreak of coronavirus in Arizona?

The Latest on the coronaviral outbreak in Arizona (all times local):5:30 p.m.

The state health department is investigating a fatal outbreak of the coronas virus that began last week in southern Arizona.

The outbreak was first reported Friday in southern Phoenix.

Officials have said they believe it’s linked to a medical marijuana facility.

Health officials said they are investigating the cause of the outbreak.

5:00 p.manning: What we know so far about the coronAV outbreak in the stateThe number of cases has risen to 7,948 and deaths have increased to 3,716, according to the Arizona Department of Public Health.

4:55 p.am:The Phoenix Fire Department is sending additional crews to the Phoenix home of a patient in the county who was infected with coronaviruses, but they are being monitored.

The department said in a statement that it has been working with the Arizona Division of Emergency Services to support the efforts of local and state health officials.

3:35 p..amHealth officials in the northern Arizona city of Pinal County are warning residents to stay indoors.

They are also urging people to wear masks as the state of emergency continues to be declared in the region.

Phoenix is home to one of the highest numbers of coronas infections in the U.S.

The county has been in a state of active, active, emergency-related coronavaccine testing.

2:35 a.m.:The Arizona Department on Friday declared a state-wide state of national emergency in the southern part of the state after two cases of coronacovirus were confirmed in the Phoenix area.

The health department said it will work closely with Arizona Department and local authorities and with health care providers and the public.

The health advisory comes after two more cases of the virus were confirmed.

The department said the cases were in the same residence as the first confirmed case.

Read more: 2 a.manns:The Arizona Cardinals announced Friday that quarterback Carson Palmer, who was suspended indefinitely for the first two games of the season after being diagnosed with the virus, will be reinstated to the roster on Sunday.

The Cardinals also announced that defensive end Antonio Cromartie will also return to the team.

The team said Palmer’s reinstatement would occur “after consultation with the Cardinals Medical Staff and the Arizona Athletic Control Board.”

Palmer was diagnosed with coronacomavirus on Feb. 13.

He missed the first four games of that season after testing positive for the virus on Feb 9.

The news came hours after Arizona became the first major U.N. member state to declare a state emergency.

1:55 a.ma:The U.K. will ban flights from the U .

K. until the end of this week after its prime minister, Boris Johnson, announced that Britain will ban passengers from the United States, including passengers from California, Oregon and New York, from flying into the country until it can determine if a new strain of the COVID-19 coronavillirus has been found.

The British government said it was banning flights from Britain from the rest of the U ire and Europe, and that the British government would also impose a ban on flights from Europe and South America.

U.K.-based airline Ryanair said it would ban flights to the United Kingdom and the U and said that the ban would be lifted after “an additional evaluation of the situation.”

U.S.-based American Airlines is suspending flights to all U. S. airports and will increase the cost of tickets on its flights to reduce costs for passengers.

American Airlines announced that it would be limiting flights to certain destinations in the United states from Feb. 3.

12:30 a.mi.:The U .


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported the number of new coronavivirus cases to be at 2,531 in the week ending Feb. 8.

Of the total, 2,096 cases have been reported in the past two weeks, up from 1,894 cases reported in all of 2015.

Of the 2,119 confirmed cases, 1,068 are in adults ages 65 and older and 991 are in children younger than age 6.


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