When It Comes to Health Care, the United States Is the Worst, by Christopher Hitchens

When It Comes to Health Care, the United States Is the Worst, by Christopher Hitchens

If you’re still looking for some reason to think that the United Kingdom is not a nation with the best health care system in the world, you’re missing the point.

The United States has some of the worst health care systems in the entire world.

The American Health Care Act (AHCA) was the legislation that was passed in January 2017.

The AHCA essentially changed the definition of the term “health care” to include everything from dental care to prescription drugs.

The result is that the U.S. health care industry, which had been so heavily dominated by pharmaceutical companies, is now dominated by companies like Novant, which was founded by Bill Gates.

Novant was also the lead investor in Medtronic, which is currently under investigation for a wide range of alleged violations of patient privacy.

All of these companies were able to get around the law by making it illegal to make and sell generic versions of their products, so that they could make the products more accessible to patients.

If that doesn’t sound like the United State of America, consider that the country that’s now ranked second in the developed world, according to the World Health Organization, is ranked No. 1 in terms of health care access and quality.

And while the United Arab Emirates ranked No, 4, according a report published by the Economist, that’s because it had a more restrictive health care regime than the U, which also has one of the lowest per capita health care spending rates of any major country.

That’s not to say that the American health care delivery system isn’t good.

The U.K. is a very efficient system.

There are fewer medical conditions and hospitalizations.

In fact, the British have the lowest death rate in the industrialized world, and they’re also the only country in the EU that does not require insurers to cover maternity care.

The Affordable Care Act is also a major improvement over the current system.

The law was passed because it was supposed to be, and it is, the biggest single piece of legislation to be passed in U.E. history.

It’s a massive accomplishment that has transformed the American system, which has been in a bad place for quite some time.

The British health care is more efficient, and the U: the system is better organized.

And the U has had some of its worst health systems in history.

The first American health system to be privatized was the U of Georgia, which privatized it’s health care in 1885.

The country had a population of about 30 million at the time, and a health care infrastructure that was essentially a collection of counties, hospitals, and clinics, all under one administration.

The system was a massive mess.

It had one of America’s worst birthrates in the country at the end of World War I, which means that many women were not able to obtain a health insurance plan, because the state did not have the resources to provide it.

When the system was privatized, the people who were left were left with only one option: to go to the hospitals, which were not equipped to deal with the numbers of people who needed care, so many of whom were poor.

That system is still functioning today.

Another reason the U isn’t a great place to get care is because it has some very strict rules about when and where doctors can see patients.

In the U., you have to go through a three-step process to get a colonoscopy, which requires a doctor to take a sample of your colon and measure it for you.

In addition, doctors have to get their patients to sign a consent form before they can see them, which includes a guarantee that the patient will be treated with dignity and respect.

Those rules are really hard to enforce.

Even in the U S., it is a crime to be a doctor without a valid certificate from the state.

Doctors in the United states don’t get paid the same as doctors in most other countries, which raises the bar for doctors to be considered.

But it’s not just the bad health care.

There is a whole culture of entitlement in the American healthcare system.

In general, the American way of life is not the best way for people to live.

And because of that, people in the US tend to believe that everything is more or less normal in the rest of the world.

As an example, consider the famous quote by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “The only reason people are so anxious about me is because I have been arrested for the crime of sitting in the back of a car with my wife.”

King was referring to a 1955 incident when he was arrested while visiting Chicago, where he was stopped by police and accused of sitting behind a car, which they then put in the trunk.

This is something that the rest, as well as the rest for the poor, can see, and can feel the


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